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I like to use my BLOGS to keep my friends informed of the daily Mess(es) that are going on with us and adding items of interest others might find enjoyable. Thanks for stopping by and please feel free to leave a comment. Bret

Huirtzie is a Failure on the other Site
Posted:May 24, 2018 11:38 pm
Last Updated:May 27, 2018 6:55 am
Hurtzie NOT as well received on the other site after posting a blog with one of his phony BOT pictureless profiles!

Nope he not a nice guy He was ran off another site Outpersonals for lies and being a faker and being nasty to members! So beware!

london03 · more blogs
Posted May 24 at 4:25pm
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submate · May 24 at 4:55pm
ty, no worries these guys don't tolerate a fake once proven.
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OnDaFence2 · May 24 at 9:35pm
ask him for some profile pictures or video
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submate · May 24 at 10:35pm
the p[rofile is basic and mostly blank,
You like this
OnDaFence2 · May 24 at 11:28pm
I am just getting started again inhere and will get plenty new pictures and videos osted ASAP
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Leif1 · May 24 at 5:40pm
Been around. Once burned, twice shy.

__Ory__ · May 24 at 6:47pm

__Ory__ · May 24 at 6:47pm
This one
OnDaFence2 · May 24 at 9:34pm
Where's some profile pictures or videos you POS!
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bichance · May 24 at 9:44pmUnlikeReply
tsk, tsk you have it all wrong, OnDaFence2 is not a fraud, he's a friend.
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bichance · May 24 at 10:30pm
hahaha, talk about "fake news" His had more than 10 times the people follow & respond to his blogs than others.
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-Wuf- · May 24 at 10:31pm
Bret is my friend, silence ))
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lovebandit48 · May 24 at 11:40pm
Brett is a good guy

Glad he's back
Yepper Hurtz
Posted:May 24, 2018 9:58 pm
Last Updated:May 27, 2018 6:55 am

I am gonna continue to blog in here and not just hand it over to some FAKE and PHONY BOTS. Make ewe sad???? Your half dead myoptic buddy will just have to keep cranking out the shit.
To my Subscribers
Posted:May 23, 2018 1:39 pm
Last Updated:May 25, 2018 5:01 am

To my subscribers I might have missed you now know the new site to find my blogs, polls, and commentary. A site with a vigilant abuse staff, an IGNORE that blocks trouble makers, and a site system that roots out duplicate profiles to the same ISP and BLOCKS THEM. Come see your posting friends there and leave this shit behind.

PS there you can email without paying $125.10 too
Iowa DOT
Posted:May 23, 2018 1:19 am
Last Updated:May 23, 2018 1:26 pm

The Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT) offers personalization of the standard Iowa license plate as well as most special plate designs. You can create your own custom tag number for your personalized license plate; however, it must meet IA DOT guidelines to be approved:

Iowa license plates follow the owner, not the vehicle, so remove them from the car when you sell it. If you buy another vehicle within 30 days,you can simply transfer the plates to your new vehicle after paying the registration fee. However, if you haven't bought another vehicle after 30 days, you must return your license plates to the county treasurer's office.

Get a life and quit acting like an old squaw may I also suggest not using Tokala
Black Elk-Clifford's Actor Pictures as YOURS....

about forgot... MORE royal red in the engine compartment
Only if you like humor!
Posted:May 22, 2018 4:51 pm
Last Updated:May 25, 2018 7:17 am

I have not quit laughing since this one disappeared..... along with some others.... and I AM STILL HERE!

How do you call OP and say one of my fake profiles is gone!

Now the BOT is using Tokala Clifford Tokala Black Elk-Clifford Actor's pictures... Does that myopic turdeater think we are that dam dumb????
Thanks Judge
Posted:May 21, 2018 5:13 pm
Last Updated:May 23, 2018 1:50 pm

All the friends of Hurtz and VI can thank JudgeJimBeam for informing me of my First Amendments Rights.

"Op's legal staff in conforming with FCC mandated laws posts the same basic terms of service language as all the other chat room providers..
its called Freedom of Speech and everyone can say what they want opinion wise.."

I was playing by old rules and now You dirty piece of shit your hapless, befuddled, bystander friends and supporters I'd left alone are now fair game and open targets for me to make them feel soooo worthwhile, wanted and needed on this site.

Your moronic sidekick who couldn't post a real blog if COPY & PASTE were removed has now become an open target in chat since the staff won't do shit!

Each and every one of your "friends" will be so glad you informed me of "My Rights"
Open Letter to the Staff
Posted:May 21, 2018 9:25 am
Last Updated:May 21, 2018 5:01 pm

Thiese blogs clearly identifies Me OnDaFence as "farmboi"
Farmboi buys Chitty Chitty Bang Bang lol
Oh boy Farmboi is toast when VI see this

In the Terms of Use I am clearly protected from Stalking or Racial slurs.
Section 12 Your Conduct. You further agree not to use the Services to:
(a) upload, post, email, transmit or otherwise make available any Content that is unlawful (e.g., prostitution), harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, tortious, defamatory, obscene, libelous, invasive of another's privacy, hateful, or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable;

This RACIST member GimmeyourShoes01 has changed and charged the term "farmboi" into a hateful racial, ethnic slur on the same par as nigger, spic, or kike. I expect a bit more than the usual letter " taking the appropriate actions." I am singled out in an ethnically charged disparaging manner NOT Once but in numerous ocasions and manners by this member in his blogs.

Oh boy Farmboi is toast when VI see this

Farmboi Allies caught in Act of clearing lobby

Farmboi got fried Octopused lol

Your Cheating Heart will tell on you!

Farmboi future blog lol

Farmboi making hockey team hungry lol

Yes I am a blond, blue eyed, Midwestern person engaged in the agricultural industry but this racist has rendered the term "farmboi" to the status of a "Cotton picking "N" or a "pepper picker Mexican" I have put up with the hassling but This is the last straw. This member deliberately and with open malice foments others to do the same and I want it STOPPED NOW! If I were Black, Latino, or oriental the whole site would be outraged, however, just because I am fair skinned I do not have stand idly by and take it. I put up with the "Blond" jokes when presented as jest but this threatening and abusive name calling is over now! This member has used my pictures on his profile and in his blogs which you removed and he has replaced the next day. I want the member banned and his blogs removed.

While your at it REVIEW the comments left by the dubious "members" on these blogs.
Before Hurtz, V I, or Gimme can edit
Posted:May 20, 2018 11:43 pm
Last Updated:May 21, 2018 5:26 pm

in the Lobby of chat tonight
7 AM]
battle34me (59M) absolutly, one of my favorite car on the road these days [1:37 AM]
battle34me (59M) guess we'll see bret, [1:37 AM]
OnDaFence (31M/38M) Did ya like my car??? [1:37 AM]
battle34me (59M) hello dano8 [1:37 AM]
OnDaFence (31M/38M) now watch tomorrow gimme or V I will have this all copy & pasted in his blog [1:36 AM]
battle34me (59M) poor bobbi, i hope she at least had a burger and fries with that [1:36 AM]
Dan08Top (52M) hello all [1:36 AM]
Dan08Top (52M) Dan08Top has entered the room... [1:36 AM]
OnDaFence (31M/38M) face down in the GUTTEr or with the Vice Squad as usual josh [1:34 AM]
OnDaFence (31M/38M) if not STR you know where to find me [1:34 AM]
battle34me (59M) where the heck is bobbi [1:34 AM]
strtsexboy_1 (58M) Ty [1:33 AM]
OnDaFence (31M/38M) ooh GIMME just shows up with page after page of copy & pasted SHIT and only hurtz is listed in the room NOT gimme [1:33 AM]
battle34me (59M) night strt, sweet dreams [1:33 AM]
strtsexboy_1 (58M) I hope so bretty [1:32 AM]
herts2017 (45M) no im not gimme and point taken battle [1:32 AM]
OnDaFence (31M/38M) Ok STR sweet dreams [1:31 AM]
OnDaFence (31M/38M) you have not fooled anyone you pig fucker [1:31 AM]
herts2017 (45M) well thats your opinion [1:31 AM]
strtsexboy_1 (58M) Sorry kids I am dosing off gotta go now [1:31 AM]
battle34me (59M) weather your responsible for writing them or not your adding to the nasty shit written in them [1:31 AM]
OnDaFence (31M/38M) and several other fake profiles [1:30 AM]
OnDaFence (31M/38M) GIMME=Hurtz [1:30 AM]
battle34me (59M) hertz ive seen your comments in those dumb ass blogs.. [1:30 AM]
OnDaFence (31M/38M) I have about 25K points I'll be sending around to my friends in the event OP deletes my profile [1:29 AM]
herts2017 (45M) no my Gay Tales Blogs are very popular [1:29 AM]
herts2017 (45M) battle I am not one hurling insults [1:29 AM]
strtsexboy_1 (58M) Bye ala n TC [1:29 AM]
OnDaFence (31M/38M) sweet dreams ala [1:28 AM]
alalunga (64M) Good night guys [1:28 AM]
battle34me (59M) ala, are you retired? [1:27 AM]
OnDaFence (31M/38M) hen he joined up with V I he became and enimy of the site [1:27 AM]
strtsexboy_1 (58M) Yuppers [1:26 AM]
battle34me (59M) dont ask of others what you yourself don't do hertz [1:26 AM]
battle34me (59M) same here hertz, i don't come here to see childish behavior, so when you egg on the stupid ass blogs that are only meant to be disrespectful your only making things worst [1:25 AM]
herts2017 (45M) other than that im just asking we all be civil to one another [1:25 AM]
strtsexboy_1 (58M) Wow [1:25 AM]
OnDaFence (31M/38M) <<< sees Joshie rolling on floor*** [1:25 AM]
OnDaFence (31M/38M) <<< LOOKS at STR's shocked expression*** [1:25 AM]
Happy Vicky Day
Posted:May 20, 2018 6:16 pm
Last Updated:May 22, 2018 10:02 am

Our friends to the North have the day off Monday To celebrate Queen Victoria's birthday!

Queen Victoria was born on May 24, 1819. Following the death of 3 uncles and her father, she became Queen of the United Kingdom on June 20, 1837 and reigned until her death on January 22, 1901. During Victoria's life, the British Empire expanded considerably. However, her powers as Queen of the United Kingdom were reduced as the House of Commons became more important and powerful in British politics.

The monarch's birthday has been celebrated in Canada and throughout the Empire since before the beginning of Queen Victoria's reign. After her death, in 1901, May 25 became known as Empire Day. The sovereign's official birthday was still celebrated, often on the King's or Queen's actual birthday. In 1952, Empire Day was moved to the Monday before May 25 and since 1953, the official birthday of Queen Elizabeth II has been celebrated on this date in Canada. In 1958, Empire Day became known as Commonwealth Day, which was moved to the second Monday in March. The Monday before May 25 then became known as Victoria Day, which is a Canadian statutory holiday.

Now..... that's clarified...... The Canadians seem to have beaten us to the punch on Memorial Day with Vicky's Day and the 4th of July with Canada Day on July 1st.
New Boy Toy
Posted:May 19, 2018 3:44 pm
Last Updated:May 23, 2018 1:52 pm

Seen it yesterday

and decided I might just spend my afternoon haggling.

Nice clean engine.

nice interior.

I love the instrument panel.

plenty of trunk room too!

and a great rear end!

For my rearend!

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